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A Doorstep Baby’s Search for Answers

While I had always known that I was adopted, it wasn’t until my mom revealed the one piece of information my parents knew about my origins that I launched a search for my birth parents. I had been found on the back doorstep of a residence, estimated to be three days old, wrapped in a man’s black wool shirt and a blanket…

Mom Who Used Sperm Bank Threatened with Legal Action Following Child’s DNA Test

US Sperm banks have promised anonymity to donors – but can they keep that promise?  It was just after New Year’s 2019 that Danielle* received the startling Cease and Desist letter at the home she shares with her child in the US. The legal letter was sent from NW Cryobank, the sperm bank she used to conceive her daughter. In it, the sperm bank alleges Danielle has violated the Customer Agreement she signed with them after the sperm bank discovered Danielle had submitted her daughter’s DNA to popular home DNA test service 23andMe. Reading the intimidating letter, Danielle’s heart sank as she felt shocked….

To All the Dads I’ve Had: A Journey to the One

In January 1996 on my 18th birthday, I learned Ray, the man I thought was my dad all my life wasn’t. I was shocked, a little devastated and, also relieved. He and my mom divorced when I was in kindergarten. I wasn’t close to him or most of his family. In hindsight I think secretly he and his parents always knew I wasn’t one of them….